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Mathys Cock

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35. Mathys Cock

Attributed to Hendrick Hondius
Copy in reverse direction to Cock 1572 engraved Pictorum

19.6 x 12.4cm

Transcription of Inscription [Lampsonius]:

Tu quoque, Matthia, sic pingere rura sciebas,
     Ut tibi vix dederint tempora nostra parem.
Ergo, quod artifices inter spectaris et ipse,
     Quos immortalis1 Belgica laude colit ;
Non in te pietas tantem2 fraterna, sed arti
     Efficit et merito laus tribuenda tuae.

Translation of Inscription [Lampsonius]:

To Matthias Cock of Antwerp, painter, brother of Hieronymus.
You too, Matthias, knew how to paint fields in such a way, that our age has scarcely produced your equal.  Therefore, if you too are considered among the artists whom Belgium honours with immortal3 praise, not only4 fraternal piety grants this to you, but also the praise justly due to your skill.

Hollstein 1994 no.95

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1.       sic. see note 3.

2.      sic. See note 4.

3.      Reading Lampsonius’ “immortali” for Hondius’ “immortalis”.  With the latter reading, one would translate “whom Belgium honours with praise [as] immortals”.

4.      Reading Lampsonius “tantum” for Hondius “tantem” (?), which is not Latin.