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Dirck Barendsz
75. Dirck Barendsz

Engraved by Hendrick Hondius (Orenstein 1996)
Signed by 'Cum privil. Hh ex' by Hendrick Hondius

19.5 x 19.9 cm

Transcription of Inscription:

Vir gravis et doctus, pictor clarissimus idem,
     Titiani magni prodiit ipse scholâ :
Usus et hic doctis, Algondo imprimis, et ipsa

            Pictorum summo iudice Lampsonio.

Translation of Inscription:

Dirck Barendsz. of Amsterdam
A grave and learned man, also a most famous painter, he came himself from the school of great Titian.  Here too he had converse with the learned, especially Aldegonde,1 and the greatest judge of painters, Lampsonius himself.2

Hollstein 1994 no.107

Karel Van Mander's biography of Dirck Barendsz
Grove Art Online biography

1.      I read “Algondo” or “Aegondo” in the Latin, but I presume the author must be referring to Philips of Marnix, lord of St. Aldegonde.

2.      I am reading “ipso” for “ipsa”

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