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Crispijn van der Broeck
87. Crispijn van der Broeck

Engraved by Hendrick Hondius (Orenstein 1996)
Signed 'Hh Cum privil' by Hendrick Hondius
20.4 x 12.1 cm

Transcription of Inscription:

Inventor felix habitus, pictórque peritus
     Tectonices : laudas quem ingeniose faber.
Corpora pingebat magnis expressa figuris

            Ad vivum, quorum tegmina nulla vides

Translation of Inscription:

To Crispijn van den Broeck of Antwerp, painter
Ingenious craftsman,1 he whom you praise was thought to be a lucky inventor and a skilled painter of carpentry.  He painted lifelike2 bodies set forth in large shapes.  On these you shall see no covering.

Hollstein 1994 no.108

mentioned in Karel Van Mander’s life of Frans Floris
Grove Art Online biography

1.      The author appears to be addressing himself here.

2.      This for “ad vivum”.  But the expression could also mean “from life”.   See also the texts for 119. Michael van Mierevelt and 143. Isaac Oliver.

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