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Frans Badens
139 Frans Badens

Engraving by Robert de Baudous (Orenstein 1996, 37)
Signed 'Hh excud.' by Hendrick Hondius

20.3 x 12.5 cm

Transcription of Inscription:

Addit picturae meliús nemo colores :
    Qui verus color est noscis imaginibus
Tu pictor doctus. multum est novisse colores.
    Delitias doctas pingis et Italiae.

Translation of Inscription:

Frans Badens of Antwerp, painter.
No one was better at adding colours to a painting.  You know which is the right colour for images.1

You are a learned painter.  It is much to know colours.  You also paint the learned delights of Italy.

Orenstein 1996, Baudous no. 37
Karel Van Mander's biography of Frans Badens
RKD artists biography

1.      This seems to make sense, although the Latin really requires “you recognize in [or “from”] images the colour which is authentic”.

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