Picturing the Netherlandish Canon, The Courtauld Institute of Art

Albrecht Dürer
Hieronymus Cock

Inscribed IH.W., attributed to Johannes Wierix, 1572.

Transcription of Inscription:

Fallor?  an effigiem vultus, Hieronyme, primùm
   Hanc duxit pictor post tua fata tui?
Nescio quid certè torpens et languidum in illa
   Non prorsum indoctis innuit hoc oculis.
Clarius, heu, sed enim loquitur calvaria cunctis,
   Indice commonstrat quam tua laeva manus :
Hi praeiëre Cocum artifices · quos deinde secutus
   Vos ijsdem comites ille, sibique vocat.
Translation of Inscription:

To Hieronymus Cock of Antwerp, painter
Am I deceived ?  Or did the painter first trace this image of your face after your death, Hieronymus?
Certainly something torpid and languid in it indicates this to not entirely untutored eyes.  But, alas, the skull,  to which your left hand points with its index finger,1 speaks more clearly than anything [else]. These artists went before Cock. Now that he has followed them, he calls on you to be their companions and his own.

1.  This is indeed what is happening in the illustration.

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